abbey brooks who? Abbey Brooks Who?

Abbey Brooks Who?

Born February 17, 1983, at 1.70 tall, 57 kg, blond hair and brown eyes sexy woman with Abbey Brooks!

Life story!

The only child of a family of religious and Catholic Abbey brooks. Until I go to college, he studied at Catholic colleges and flourished. In Chicago, was born in Illinois and grew up in Detroit, Michigan was a province of many years spent in the city. Abbey then was admitted to East Michigan University and getting a good result the 2004, he graduated with a degree in business administration. Abbey brooks actually wanted to be a doctor or veterinarian, but he thought it was necessary for these dreams for quite some time and decided to modeling. Abbey trusting his own body, he felt naked enjoyed standing against others, and no strange. In 2006 he entered the adult entertainment industry here Abbey Brooks moved to Los Angeles and began shooting porn film in the first week. The first is mainly a lesbian porn movie named “Gina’s Fresh Breed 3” has led to rapid growth of the film career.

Turned names of porn movies in 2015 “Lesbians rub down” “mom’s Cuckold 17” and has worked as an actress in leading dozens of similar films.

abbey brooks who?

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August 29, 2015
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